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The Company

La nostra bottega nel 1945 Many many years ago, (in 1945) Marietta was working in a small shop, she was used to make pasta.
Every day she was proposing to her costumers something good: with a little flour, some eggs and her own wriggle, form her hands came out the products which the time has not changed yet.

Form then on, the shop has become a company and the company experienced growth in size and changed its name.
But the quality did not suffer from any change, on the contrary, the owners, Marietta's descendants, have always been seeking for something better.

La nostra bottega oggi In the market our company has been always addressing to those costumers seeking for high quality products.
Up to day we are still preparing homemade pasta, homemade tortelli, even if we have machinery and technology.

We are craftsmen because we have a vocation that drives us to work to see our company flourish, to inspire our costumers with reliance thanks to always new products and thanks to embellishments to our pasta factory - for our pride and for our duty towards our work.

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